Zrenjanin, once known as Bečkerek, is situated in the Serbian part of middle Banat. At the crossroads of major inland routes and waterways, 50 kilometers from Novi Sad, 75 from Belgrade, and 50 from the border with the European Union (Romania), Zrenjanin is nowadays an open city, ready to accept new ideas, new ways of business thinking, and development of new technologies. Zrenjanin is also a city of traditional hospitality and opportunities for a pleasant stay in its environs. The whole area of the Zrenjanin municipality is the most dense fluvial system in Europe, where many rivers flow: Begej, Tamiš, Tisa, Karaš, and Danube-Tisa-Danube canal.

All of Zrenjanin, with its city core and architectural structure, represents a unique place. The most attractive site is the castle Kaštel that is situated in nearby Ečka, only 9 km from the centre of Zrenjanin. This castle is an incarnation of former glamour, where beside a hotel and a beautiful park, a gallery of the most famous painters of Serbia may be found. The old town of Zrenjanin is known for its beautiful architecture with buildings such as the Town hall, built in 1816, National museum, built in 1894, Theatre, built in 1839, the oldest theatre building in Serbia, "Uspenska" church, built in 1746, etc.
The famous physicist Mihajlo I. Pupin, professor of Columbia University, USA, and winner of the Pulitzer prize in 1924, was born in the village of Idvor, 24 km from Zrenjanin, in which there is now “Pupin’s Museum”.

In Zrenjanin’s surroundings, more precisely near Ečka, there is the famous "Carska Bara", that is Emperor's Pond, a protected natural reserve, commonly referred to as "Stari Begej - Carska bara". This pond is one of the biggest ornithological stations in Europe, which makes it ideal for photo safaris, and the whole pond is suitable for recreational fishing.
Among numerous tourist attractions and commercial events is "Beer Days", which has been held in the last week of August for the past 23 years.

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